VAE = Visual Arts Exchange

VAE Raleigh turns 40 this year! After helping two generations of local artists establish themselves and sparking excitement in the warehouse district, change is afoot. Last year, I heard from a VEA insider that Raleigh’s tremendous downtown development will force VAE Raleigh to seek a new home for its operations and exhibition space. VAE isContinue reading “VAE = Visual Arts Exchange”

A Right-Wing Billionaire Was Just Convicted of Bribery, and He’s Dragging Republicans Down With Him — Mother Jones

On Thursday, Greg Lindberg, one of the largest Republican political donors in North Carolina and a self-described billionaire insurance baron, was convicted of trying to bribe a state official who oversaw his businesses. It’s a case that has torn the Republican firmament in the state apart—right before a pivotal election year with new maps thatContinue reading “A Right-Wing Billionaire Was Just Convicted of Bribery, and He’s Dragging Republicans Down With Him — Mother Jones”

Group aims to boost early childhood development

By Todd Cohen RALEIGH, N.C. — By the year 2020, two in three jobs in North Carolina are expected to require higher education. Yet in 2015, only 38 percent of fourth-graders in the state R… Source: Group aims to boost early childhood development

A Golden Opportunity

Did you know that in the southern United States—when a snowstorm is approaching, the three most important items to stock up on are wine, eggs, and bread? I was absolutely certain this was true— until last week. If the snow is even whispered, we immediately dash to the grocery store to stock up on “survival rations”Continue reading “A Golden Opportunity”

startup nc reentry

The era of excessive mass-incarceration in America is coming to a close.

– Mary Jane Clark

Quick PodCast on Startup Weekend with Teaming for Technology NC

Startup Weekend NC  is focused on entrepreneurial opportunities in the IT and E-Waste sectors.  Together with Teaming For Technology, we are convening the Triangle area’s creative minds to look for solutions which profitably address this global problem. Sept. 26-28 in Raleigh, NC PODCAST WITH T4T Problems are opportunities.  This problem is global and it’s growing.Continue reading “Quick PodCast on Startup Weekend with Teaming for Technology NC”