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The era of excessive mass-incarceration in America is coming to a close.

Let’s keep blame and politics out of this. It’s time to simply get down to the business of planning effective community reentry and coordinating what is needed for success. How can you help?

Thought leaders from across the state, including NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, are gathering for the North Carolina Reentry Symposium on Saturday, June 6 in Burlington, NC. The purpose is providing an open forum for the exchange of information on NC’s reentry process. All stakeholders are invited to attend to obtain a greater understanding of the issues surrounding reentry. We’ll hear more about what is currently planned and who will be involved in facilitating successful reentry We are resolved to engage in a renewed dialogue to build a stronger, more successful, more connected statewide reentry network.

Why does it matter?

Having volunteered at Butner for AlphaUSA and after spending six years working with StepUp Ministry, it’s apparent that the number one problem facing those with a criminal conviction is employability. As a volunteer at Butner (FCI-II), the people we minister to have real fears about being even being allowed to make it in society. Those who have completed their sentences continue to repeatedly be branded “offender” on the outside and online. The consequences of a criminal charge or a conviction are severe and long-lasting. How does a person coming out of prison obtain life-sustaining employment paying a livable wage?  Barriers are everywhere. Fair access to employment, housing, and transportation are essential to building permanent stability.

Here’s my view as one collaterally involved in the justice system. I believe in second chances. As a society, we have punished them— and now we are duty-bound to develop and implement a thoughtful policy approach and process that actually helps people reenter society successfully.

“At what point do you quit offending?”

Boots on the ground reentry nc june 6

Boots On The Ground!

Putting together an event like this requires a great deal of help and coordination.  Do you have something to contribute to this effort?

For more information, sponsorships or to volunteer, please contact:

LouRonna Richardson 

(314) 607-8850


NC Reentry Symposium

Saturday, June 6 8:30AM – 5:00 PM

Trinity Worship Center
  *   3157 S. Church St.   *   Burlington, NC

Pre-Register at: www.alphausa.org/prisons

Thank you for your interest and concern regarding the issues surrounding successful reentry in North Carolina.

Mary Jane Clark, 
StepUp & AlphaUSA Prison Ministry NC Team

Quick PodCast on Startup Weekend with Teaming for Technology NC

Startup Weekend NC  is focused on entrepreneurial opportunities in the IT and E-Waste sectors.  Together with Teaming For Technology, we are convening the Triangle area’s creative minds to look for solutions which profitably address this global problem.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.14.34 AM

Sept. 26-28 in Raleigh, NC



Problems are opportunities.  This problem is global and it’s growing.   Here’s the million-dollar question: What happens to old electronics and why does it matter?    Listen to the attached mini-podcast with Al Reynolds of T4T walking and talking us through the issues.

Some e-waste products are refurbished, however, only a tiny fraction of used computer parts are recycled. Even when we take old computers, laptops and printers to a recycling center, we have no guarantee that it is actually recycled – not in the way most of us think of recycling. Much ends up as e-scrap, creating toxic waste problems with serious environmental consequences here at home- and particularly in 3rd world countries.

StartUp Weekend is a small experimental competition with the potential for global ramifications and real profit. Sponsored by Teaming for Technology, StepUp Entrepreneurship Program, and NABocker.

  • Space is limited and acceptance is a competitive process
  • Complete entire application (email MJ Clark to request)
  • Deadline for submission – Friday, September 12, 2014
  • $25 application fee submitted to StepUp, 1701 Oberlin Rd., Raleigh NC 27608

Questions? Please contact Mary Jane Clark,  StepUp Entrepreneurship Facilitator at mjclark@stepupministry.org

MJ on Twitter